Thursday, November 20, 2008


Death becomes her, as she walked she tried not to worry about it. Why did she think entering the forest was a good idea? That didn't really matter anymore a near death experience justified almost any action that followed it. She kept going.

"Deborah it's so good to see you." Hearing voices, not a good sign no matter how welcoming they sounded.

"Yes, this is Mayor Salin." said Deborah. "Who, wh are you?"

No reply.

She stood for a while assessing her situation. Pros: 1. She hadn't seen or heard a frog for about half an hour. 2. This was the most spontaneous thing she'd done since she started seeing a psychologist. Cons: 1. Bad lighting. 2. mysterious voices that knew her name. Mental note: find a new psychologist.

A new sound broke her concentration it sounded like a rifle. Against all reason she followed it like bread crumbs in a fairy tale, like string in a labyrinth and found her way to a clearing. It was little relief to discover a man there firing a rifle, as she'd suspected, worse he seemed to be missing his head.

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