Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the bebo years part 1

author's note: When you start cannibalising your own work an angel loses its wings. Over the next few days I'll repost some of my favourite blogs from my bebo account before I shut it down, don't want to over do the social media thing. Enjoy...

In honour of it being rugby world cup year combined with the timely happenstance of the pig symbolising (for the chinese among us at least) the hopes and dreams of this forth coming period (aka 2007), an animal whose skin in the formative days of the aforementioned sport was used without shame as the implement around which our national pass time was built; yes all these things considered have lead to my playing the game that I once thought was for pooftahs, which has now become my outlet for alpha male aggression. Gods of league forgive me! I'm a rugby man. The count down to the world cup has begun. I see myself playing on the All Blacks or Manu Samoa or even maybe the PlayStation. Perhaps I'll have to settle for club footy. Ponsonby here I come.



Thank you DMX, hardcore gangsta rapper, for your keen insight into the decline of civilizations moral fibre. Your soulful christian anthems combined with your cuss riddled lyrics are a source of constant inspiration to us all.

All sarcasm aside, my nigga has a point. I never truly appreciated hard work until I started playing rugby, well more specifically going to rugby training. From the moment that I handed over control of my person to the powers that be at ponsonby, those sadistic despots have run me ragged. I never knew it could be like this, hell on earth. Just what I needed. We kids are a sorry soft lot these days. Thank goodness for psychotic rugby coaches who take you to places that you never thought existed.

I keep this up and my longtime ambivalent relationship with my arch nemesis laziness (refer to my super powers in the above profile [blogger doesn't have a place to display these]) could come to an end. The earths foundations tremble at this prospect. DMX you are the man, so it's time to man up and do some work baby. RRRRRRR WHAT!

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