Monday, November 17, 2008

nanwrimo post mortem

this feels brilliant -- I have an old methodology which says: start slow, finish strong, and that's what I does. I learned a great many things from this over ambitious undertaking. What stands out most is that I hate writing fast. Hated. For me there's a difference between talking and writing. Talking is a spontaneous act (unless you're a politician in which case you just need to ensure you always bring a teleprompter). Writing allows for a more deliberate, thoughtful treatment of words. NaNoWriMo isn't writing it's crapping on the page.

I like to look at it in terms of Mac or Windows. Windows develops their wares on a quick timeline and sends them out into the market finished or unfinished, doesn't really matter to them (see Vista). Apple goes for quality every time and usually hits. One day around the middle of November the penny dropped and I realised if I belabour the choice of my words anymore I'm not going to finish this damn thing. So I went all Microsoft and started crapping away (you can always release version 7.0 a short time later right?) sometimes you just need to drop your standards, but what wondrous crap I've wrought, crap like you wouldn't believe. It wasn't fun, but it was worth it I almost even like writing fast now, so time to start polishing up my crap --. Oh wait, this didn't actually happen yet, back to the writing.

*Me releasing words into the wild* "Fly my pretties, fly!"

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