Monday, November 9, 2009


What would Joseph do? Our beloved founder and exemplary paragon of virtue par excellence has been on my mind lately. Now we don't worship Joseph, but we revere and honor him as a prophet or something. The 'J', I know, usually stands for someone else, but come on Jesus was a superhero. Being idealistic is cool and all, but I prefer a dash of conservative pragmatism with my reality, so for me lowering the bar is wholly acceptable. I need not scrape the bottom of the barrel though, far from it, I mean who's done more to advance the plight of homo sapiens (Jesus excluded from consideration, of course) than good ol' Joe Smith; living up to Joseph's impeccable example will be a mighty challenge indeed. Let's begin at the end shall we (borrowing rule number 233 from 1001 rules for my unborn son):


below: Joseph at Carthage Jail inaccurately depicted without a gun.

If an angry mob's out to kill you, your brother and your friends, pack heat and f*ck up as many of them as possible (before being shot dead). That's what Joseph would do.