Sunday, November 8, 2009

totally random unrelated atheistic musings

I have an idea let's burn down all the myths that have ever been and replace them with strong atheism/human secularism/extreme positivism. This truly is the answer to all the world's ills. As I sit here peering down aloft my exalted perch of intellectual superiority, suffering from carpel-tunnel syndrome of the shoulder due to an excessive amount of patting my own back, I am often amused and bemused by the irrational behavior of the wandering body of ignoble ingrates that form the core body of the rest of humanity. Rule number 1: Don't be dumb.

The flying spaghetti monster (barely funny the first time it was used, which only makes it all the more hilarious today -- OK I'm lying it is pretty funny) or God or My Little Pony and Friends are figments of the imagination formulated to dull the impact of the oncoming scythe of death . Each unfalsifiable yet the former is widely worshiped, while the middle and latter have yet to spawn a comparable measure of religious devotion. Having big balls and long noodles while impressive by any objective standard, subjectively speaking it is an untenable deity. I don't like the thought of any God(s) that may taste better than I do. On a related note I've never tried pony.

If it's shiny, they will come. Occam's razor: The most likely explanation is the one which is most boring. I often dream literally of being an accountant, not to pitch a tent over an entire cross-section of society, a tent would be too big. Occam's razor is very sharp and I am very boring.

Can't we all just get along? I have fathoms of tolerance for all peoples, especially those that agree with me. I am Mormon and Atheist. I operate at two opposing ends of an undefined spectrum of thought. My head will explode at any time now.

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