Tuesday, November 24, 2009


What Would Joseph Do? Well, what wouldn't he do? I'm finding it hard to keep up. We need a general rule that encompasses the full range of these activities, which extend far beyond the boundaries of his own religion and surprisingly even the scope of this blog entry, thus fully preparing us to receive further light and knowledge at some unspecified future period. I can't wait. We've had rules 1 and 2 already, each of which profoundly moved all those who read them (I have it on good authority: I have a really good feeling that what I just said was true, so it must be), but we haven't even covered the cardinal rule yet, so without further ad0:

0. Don't do anything that Joseph wouldn't do (with the possible exception of 14 year old girls).

These are words to live by.

Blah: We will return of to our regular programming of non-anti-Mormon bashing after I've processed my issues. I should be done in a week, possibly a year.

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