Monday, November 23, 2009

work in progress

Work is a waste of time. There are many things I'd rather be doing. Like drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. I have an elaborate fantasy world set up (just in case this one doesn't work out) where my power animal leads me through a shamanic consciousness expanding animus illuminating acid fueled riot of passage. The world is not enough. Truly. On the other hand if not for work how could I finance my non-existent psychedelic benders?

Work equals force times distance, force equals mass time acceleration. I know this because Newton knows this. Eisenstein's is better, but overly-complicated. So much for elegance. There's no free lunch, except at soup kitchen's. Every rule has an exception including this one. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed only transformed. Why not? It doesn't matter. I do. Oh, the engagement.

want more? as you wish...


Anonymous said...

Did you finally get round to watching full metal alchemist?!?!

Loren said...

No not yet, it's on the stack.