Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Bilix and Ditie awoke in uncomfortable positions in the bathroom, bereft of any (house trained) monster-tree sightings.

"I knew no good would come from this." Bilix grabbed at the back of his neck for emphasis, looking as pathetic as possible.

"Always with the negativity. He, she, it, whatever will be back at some point."

"Yeah well, in the meantime how do you feel about fried green frogs for breakfast?" the frog pox continued to spread to unwanted places like buboes during the black plague. Not even the bog was sacred anymore.

Unable to contain himself any longer Premnath, entered the scene. "Look guys can you get out please, I've been bursting to go all night. I just need a moment here O.K?"

Dittie got the impression that Premnath was tiring of her antics. The feeling was mutual, although less justified.

The bathroom was dutifully cleared of the culpable pair by (induced) voluntary march, but a horde of frogs remained in their place to observe Premnath in a compromising position. After which he performed the rest of his habitual morning ablutions resentfully for his audience, and then left for work.

Bathrooms abhor a vacuum, at least that's what you might be led to believe by observing Bilix's behaviour, who wasted no time in refilling the empty space left by his partner's flatmate's departure. He peered over at the loo, while brushing his teeth. "Joan of Arc in a hang glider! Dittie get in here, you've gotta see this!"

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