Thursday, July 17, 2008


ribit, ribit

"I don't understand, he's not eating again. I'm going to have to start a damn pet shop just to get rid of these things."

"They're so cute though. I swear if the SPCA ever found out about this racket, you'd probably end up as Michael Vick's celly. Hey,I had this guy come into work today. You coulda fed him to your little beasty. Koopa probably feels guilty about eating the puppies, but you put another monster in there with him and he'd let loose, my guy woulda been perfect."

"That's dumb and you sound more depraved than I am."

ribit, ribit

"You're not depraved Daly, you're just misunderstood. Animal sacrifice is perfectly normal."

"Funny. Well C, shall we take one of these mutts for a walk while I think about what to do with them. I'm gonna drop by Simon's long the way. You shoulda heard him earlier. I mean I know he's crazy, but it's like he's constantly trying to out do himself."


"What are we gonna do there?"

"Go to the moon."

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lorenhops said...

Dialogue is a tricky animal. Conventional wisdom says make it sound real without it being too real. In life our verbiage occurs in fits and starts, with many ums and ahs, transcribed directly to the page it doesn't make for good reading. I went for a snappy easy to read style here. I notice that C's and Daly's locution is almost totally interchangeable. When talking with friends this kind of conversational equilibrium often occurs, I'm not so sure that it’s useful for distinguishing characters voices though. Maybe I got too real.