Monday, July 14, 2008


"I'm powered by the magic of sugar." Simon: Sugardelic Superstar

"What are you saying?" Daly: Inventive, Didactic, Inquisitor.

"Some people might call it an addiction, I prefer to call it an insulin spike."

"Aha, so what is it do?" Eyes beginning to show signs of concern.

"Glad you asked. It raises my blood sugar levels thereby releasing insulin into my system. The thing I don''t understand is that if the insulin's already there (in my body somewhere) then why does my body hold it back? Well ya know maybe I am addicted, don't tell anyone OK.

"Why not you just did, anything else?"

"Not that I know of, just the usual. Flying to the moon later today. It's one of my secret powers. Our secret now."

"Umm, what are you on?"


This last statement seemed to put a damper on the conversation.

When they came to themselves. Daly looked hesitant about something, visibly. Cerebraly he may have been indifferent, but I don't read minds.
If you could have seen them both they would have reminded you of The Gorillaz, not that ape-like contemporaneous ancestor of humans but the cartoon crappy band The Gorillaz. It's very distinctive.

They both smelled more or less the same. With their noses. However, Simon had been experimenting with other orifices without success. Food usually entered through the mouth & exited through the rectum, while undergoing several chemical reactions. Most of them unpleasant, but then there was insulin.

When Daly was a younger chap he had a pet dog, which was depressingly unoriginal, He decided then that it was his life's mission to feed pet puppies to his specially imported Komodo Dragon, the novelty was quite exciting. Canada hasn't been the same since. With the recent diet issues of Koopa (the Komodo Dragon), Daly's been in search of a new life's quest. Simon wonders if sugar is the answer.

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lorenhops said...

Ahhh, the great grand daddy of them all. The OG chapter. To start I used the ultimate expression of tell don't show in the first few lines explaining the core attributes of two of our key characters Simon and Daly, a practice that was abandoned with the advent of the very next post when I realized that I had my wires crossed.

Koopa originally died in this entry, but that didn't stop him from appearing again in 3. Against my better judgment I resurrected him here, swapping his death for an eating disorder. He can't complain really, I'd take that trade.