Sunday, April 12, 2009

brief notes on my intention 1

I have revivified the "Story" in the hopes of forcing myself to learn how to write. The wonderful thing about writing is that the perceived quality of a piece, or lack thereof, is almost entirely subjective. Then again abstract art had its day in the sunshine (I guess writing's not the only place where you can get away with passing off utter crap as the emperor's new clothes), maybe all creative endeavours are beholden only to the context and culture in which they're created, so there is no over-arching objective measurement of what's good.  Robert Mckee strongly, expletively disagrees. We're living in a post-post-modern, post-9-11, generation Xbox world, and all bets are off, and the interwebs make all things possible, and I'm not really hungry, but I want to eat anyway, and T.I. (ATL what!) tells me that [I] can have whatever [I] like, so when I say that this is a good thing, you better down your pills and drink the kool aid, 'cause buddy, you just got served. See what I did there? Sheer literary brilliance I tell yas (with poignant pop-culture references to boot).

Oh yes the "Story", you didn't think you'd get out of it that easily. Why not take advantage of the idiosyncrasies of the blogging medium? I want each post to be modular in the sense that they function perfectly well as short stories in themselves, yet compliment the overall narrative. Of course, seen as each component can theoretically be rearranged without disturbing the overall function of the narrative (like a method within a class in programming), then maybe I've rendered causality in the story predominantly impotent, but now that I think about it maybe it's just a super-fractured narrative. This much I can say: It's flash fiction meets a novel; it's like the Sunday funnies, without being funny most of the time or having pictures, you know, it's just in a similar format. 

Seen as each post is its own separate entity, this frees me up to undertake some bold (I exaggerate) experiments in story telling.  Who can forget how for 100 entries I went without titles on the posts except for the Scott Sigler special edition. There was no underlying reason for this. Or how about the time that I titled 109: "short choppy sentences" and then went on to write it in short, choppy sentences (compared to my usual length) resulting in probably the most boring entry ever, yet the only one to garner even a solitary tick in the "tell me more" feedback box. It really is some work trying to change your style up, going Hemingway-esque (even though I've never read any of his work except for the first page of the old man and the fish (yes, I know it's the 'sea'. Fish are funnier than oceans), but I hear his writing's lithe) is not my strength or preference. Then there are the times that I mail it in and you get (very) bad poetry like 106 goodbye to sanity. I promise no more of those. There are also posts that I really, really liked, but I wont allow my head to swell too much by naming them all. To name only a few, pretty much I enjoyed everything that has the moon in it. There's something very sad about being stuck in orbit forever with nothing else to do. The poor moon. It's been fun so far and I've learned stuff too; like they say there's no substitute for experience. Ten book publishing deal, here I come. 

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