Thursday, October 2, 2008

59. Earthcore Edition

"Look b#&^." said the Baldman,"If you know what's good for you. You'll say hello to my best friend here."

At the door stood an impossibly shiny, sickly tentacled, shiny hentai like creature. It was actually all of those things (except for the hentai part Canada hoped). She sat bolt upright and stood statue still. This guy was a piece of s&** on her shoe that she needed to dispose of immediately before his stink became overwhelming. And now he had a friend even more disgusting than he was. F&*^%$# prick.

The octobug approached with uncannily smooth vomit inducing movements, no doubt perfected through years of evolutionary development (If the creature was in fact a living being). It drew a crafty looking knife from its -- some undefined body part -- did I mention it was impossibly shiny.

"Mother Fu@#$%" said Canada, "That's one shiny f*&%$&# bug." She was sick of the Baldman's mood swings, sick of his cryptic musings, sick of this sickly creepy crawly monstrosity that was on its way to greet her.

It began to talk...

click, click, click.

"Mother Fu@#$%" Said Canada.

* * *
somewhere Scott Sigler's eyes are rolling. Please read/listen to Earthcore

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lorenhops said...

Scott, wherever you are sorry and thank you.