Monday, April 13, 2009

113 out of the ocean and into the butterflies

"Brandon, pleased to meet you." he said in a way that sounded sincere, but unconvincing at the same time.

Bilix pulled Brandon to his feet in a display of strength that seemed disproportionate to his size. Brandon in an upright position struggled to find his land legs, he staggered at first, and coughed up half the ocean that he'd almost drowned in, at second. Bilix gave a reassuring number of powerful  pats to Brandon's back in an effort to encourage any straggling sea to make an hasty exit.

"You certainly drank your fill didn't you Brandon. Lucky I gave you the extra boost when I did or she would have had you all to herself."

"You...saved me." Brandon stood up straight. 'All to herself' was that just a turn of phrase or is this freak planning something? Come on, I know he's ugly but I've got to try and keep it together.

There was a moments silence that was not especially uncomfortable considering the circumstances, "Saved is such a strong word, I'm not Jesus or nothin'. I just saw a big behind in front of me and thought the only way I'm making it to the surface is by hauling this, um your arse with me. You're welcome."

"Oh, thanks." More silence. "Any idea's where we are?"

"None, but maybe this lot will."

As chance would have it near death experiences where only the beginning of the days excitement. In a clearing on a hill, only a few football field lengths away came a group clothed in white, riding on the backs of beasts. Their countenances were as lightning, their radiance like butterflies. It was going to be an interesting afternoon.

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