Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Goodbye Kolob, I leave now bound for other stars. Your concern is misplaced, I shall return at some (unspecified) future time. I will be at Slightly Moderated Stream of Consciousness if you need me. Thank ye.


Ms Sophia said...


I feel like one of those cliche'd kids on movies who when their dog/parent/grandparent/fairy godmother/goldfish shuffles off their mortal coil, starts the whole teary eyed 'you said you'd never leave me, why, why, why?!?!' speech

Which in your case, you did actually tell me that. Why pray tell Mr Hopkins, why??

Loren said...

I said that? Hmmm I don't recall.

Anonymous said...

I'm embellishing a little - rather you said (or texted) shortly after my boycott of 2008 you'd never take down Kolob... oh well, death and change. Life's two most certain inevitabilities

How's life in Oz anyways?

Loren said...

Yep, things are good thanks. That reminder didn't really jog my memory, but I am well on my way to mental decline, which could account for the mental blind spot. Don't worry I'm staying true to my word (in a way) Kolob isn't coming down, it's just unlikely that I'll ever update it again. *sniff* Perhaps my occasional pseudo-religious posts on slimodsoc will satiate your appetite for my confounded thoughts on the subject?

How's life?