Wednesday, April 15, 2009

abandoned projects wasteland

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life the laws of the universe will become simpler." Henry David Thoreau

Long live my blogs that have gone the way of all the earth, may they find eternal piece and prosperity in their new capacity as static doorstops for the interwebs. I have discovered by sad experience that I cannot do everything that I want to do. It was Sartre who from memory - which is a notoriously unreliable source - popularized the phrase "No Excuses" as part of his existential philosophy. What he meant was that no matter what happens we are free to choose. He managed to temper the optimism of this thought (by the way, as a whole I'd say existentialism is mostly a negative outlook), that all things are possible, with the practical concession that there are facts like gravity that we must work within to realize these myriad possibilities. I don't have enough time, and I lack the stamina to abandon sleep all together; sometimes, facticity interferes. I will have to push the things that I want to do over the cliff of the unnecessary to save the ones that I really, really want to do and feel that I must do. 

The casualties so far (they can thank their gods that most have been reincarnated at slimodsoc, and if they're really lucky resurrection might also come to pass, but for now)...

My Bebo Blog 
(a sample) Existential angst fills my brain cracks like selley's no more gaps.
current status: dead

Tenuous Connections 
the trials and tribulations of a chronic blogger
current status: dead

The Sports Soliloquy of Loren Hopkins:
On Wednesday 1 August 1802, at 2:30pm at National Women's Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, Loren Tofiulu Niklaus Hopkins was born, all 11 pounds of him. In spite of his being Samoan his pigmentation was white. In spite of his being a boy he was named Loren. In spite of his not being a sports superstar, he still retains a misplaced semblance of hope. This is his story...
current status: dead

How I Got Published
The untrue tale of how I got published.
previous status: still-born

Do you remember when you were a grubby little kid with nothing more then missing teeth, a crazy dream and a sparkle in your eye. I sure do. One day, for about a year, I almost turned 30, during which time my dream returned and I ,contrary to conventional wisdom, in my advanced age, decided I would play rugby league and that someone would pay me for it. Wish me luck. It's time to make some dollar dollar bills y'all.
current status: dead (but the rugby league playing is still alive and well)

The Kolob Express
Welcome! Loren is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and to the best of his ability he'll capture that experience here. However, the views expressed in this blog are his own and are not necessarily representative of all things Mormon, expect anything different and he might get cranky, soldier boy crank that superman type cranky. It's ok though, preliminary forecasts indicate that there's a 50% chance that he's in a good mood right now. This could be your lucky day.
current status: recently deceased

Long live the blogs!

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