Saturday, December 20, 2008


He was survived by artists with far more talent, and he wasn't even dead yet. Erhard would have preferred direct offspring to continue his legacy, but if shove came to push he could always jingle up other peoples children. These days he'd prefer to explore other options.

Back in the 13th century he had an exceptional hit, but that was a different time, another place. In the 1930's he attempted a comeback only to discover that solo flutists were out of fashion, perhaps they were never in.

He'd like to have his pipe back now though. In his lips it became a deadly weapon. The world was a dangerous place and he had the remedy for all it's ills in the form of melody. He'd share his special brand of music once he got out of this meeting and dispose of all the frogs for good.


Pianika said...

So I was just wondering, does your story have a name yet?

lorenhops said...


yep: slightly moderated stream of consciousness is the working title for now. "Story", as it has been tagged, isn't exactly a novel, in fact I've been trying to sort out lately just exactly what it is. The way I look at it this is a loosely connected set of narrativeso presented in easy to consume installments of flash fiction. The purpose I suppose is for me to experiment with different styles, voices and other various techniques of fiction. In this regard I'd say thus far I've failed. My voice comes through to often, these aren't characters, they're puppets and so I need to push my self a little more to produce better quality. I want to speak through my characters and be totally unrecognizable. That's the story so far.