Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the time is nigh at hand

My younger years included little in the way of physical activity (or any other type of activity for that matter). I was born under a small bridge in the south of Auckland and my parents tell me that I'm at least half troll. Do you have any idea what kind of impact that type of lineage has on a youngster? For a significant portion of my life I was forced into hiding as to conceal my monstrous awesomeness from the rest of humanity. Moving around during the day proved difficult as direct sunlight had the unfortunate of effect of transforming me into stone. Damn that hole in the ozone layer. During the day if I needed to venture out of the house in order to procure appropriate sized morsels of sustenance, I was forced to wear a long coat and hat similar to that of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of the early nineties, except that I was a child and the only thing retailers stocked in my size were those shiny yellow plastic raincoats (with hat). Looking back it was a regrettable fashion choice, but these items helped protect my delicate skin from the suns harmful rays. I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. I could go on, but suffice it to say that my mobility was limited (troll anatomy takes a lot of getting used to), my will blase, and my surroundings unhelpful for my over all physical development.

As it was I eventually grew up. My aversion or more correctly my extreme allergic reaction to sunlight faded. My night prowls for the dead carcasses of creatures, which shall remain unnamed here, payed off in the form of extreme physical prowess, a recently developed habit of lifting large metal objects could have also been a contributing factor. So, I decided it was time to unleash the beast for good, but not here in New Zealand, a troll is never accepted in his own country, except by unscrupulous means. I'll conduct an experiment in Australia with myself as the test subject: playing rugby league in the number one rugby league nation on the planet (NZ's world cup victory notwithstanding). The most difficult thing will be that I may have to start up another blog (again) to cover it. I'm not so sure how successful a blog that covers randomly assorted topics (as this one is presently constituted) can be numbers wise. Going niche seems to be the way of the world now days. People who are interested in writing are probably uninterested in my sporting pursuits. Then again this is my blog and the content is up to me. People may not care what I did for my last workout, but here it is anyway (hey, I warned you I was half-troll):

OHP 50/3*8
Chins me/3*8
Power snatch 60/10*1
front squat 60/2*10

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