Friday, December 19, 2008


Brandon thought he was closing in on the surface, but his lungs and dog paddle were failing him. Inside and out of your mother's womb water preserves life. Is this what they mean by too much of a good thing?

Now, long past the threshold of exhaustion Brandon was required to exert his most intense effort yet. Life provides strangely packaged gifts for those least prepared to receive them. Death takes the left overs. None of this helped Brandon very much.

Taking on water and sapped of all his energy - Brandon didn't like the idea of drowning, but he didn't seem to have much choice in the matter - he gave one last mighty paddle.

After, instead of acquiescing to the will of the ocean, he began moving faster and faster until he emerged from the deep and inhaled the entire atmosphere. It felt as if some benevolent hand had reached up from the depths in his hour of need, gently corralled his buttocks and guided him safely to shore. He meant to turn back and thank the charitable being, but instead collapsed. It had been a shocking couple of days.

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