Thursday, December 18, 2008

2 for 1 thanks to the crusty-old-naked-guy

Beware the men’s changing room. There must an immutable law written somewhere that there will always and forever be a crusty-old-naked-guy standing guard at every single one of these places. I walk in and I see more than I'm inclined to tell and I weep for humanity. I know it's a changing room and nakedness is bound to ensue at some point, but must you continuously offend my sensitive eyeballs with your painstakingly developed beer gut, your saggy man boobs, and other saggy things. I swear it's the same damn guy every time. Every gym has one. Here's an idea: try putting on some clothes and going home for once. I'm sure you'll start feeling better about yourself immediately or at least I will. Yesterday I slipped up and stepped in to relieve myself, what was my horror when I was met by that ever-present sentinel of manly nakedness. I was so traumatized that I almost forgot I worked out. So here's that session and today's in all their glory. I believe I've learned my lesson. Beware the men’s changing room.

bench 100/3*5,4
chins me(98kgs)/2*10;5

volume: 4350kgs

bent press 20*3 l & r
one arm snatch 40*1 l & r
sumo DL 80*10,120*10,140*8,160*5,180*5,200*5
power C&J 80/2*4,100,105,110 (did split jerk today)

volume: 6975kgs

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