Thursday, October 23, 2008


"Oh hi Premnath."

"Hey Bil. Dittie I'm off to bed you two try and keep it down OK, it's been a flame grilled whopper of a day." ribit, ribit "&*^%#$! frogs. "

Bilix strolled out to join Dittie in the quasi-kitchen-living-alcove-room section of the comfy sized apartment"I like whoppers? What did he mean?"

"Don't worry about it Bil, let him sleep it off. "

"Anyways, care to join me in here I thought we were staking out the bathroom together."

"In a minute Bilix, I'm watching something here. Any second now Goku is going to wax Freezer's tail."

"How can you watch this crap. It's over 20 years old for starters and --"

"Your over two thousand years old, you don't see me complaining."

"Well, aside from your having watched this a million times already, this is one of those shows that just drags on and on, promising action, but we could come back in two months time and Goku would still be powering up his spirit bomb. Nothing happens. It kind of reminds me of something/someone."

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