Tuesday, September 2, 2008


ribit, ribit

Deborah Salin, the city Mayor stepped up to the podium.

"My fellow citizens, in recent days our beloved city has been over run by what can only be described as a plague of frogs."

A politician who didn't mince words, Deborah was a rare breed.

"Despite my allusions to Biblical language, I assure you that this is not the Apocalypse no matter what your priests or millennial death cult leaders may say. There have been reports of pillars of light and phantom explosions. I am quite certain that these phenomena are highly exaggerated and are not in any way tied to the frog outbreak. We have mobilized the national guard to ensure your protection, we have our finest herpetologists working on the matter as --"


"Herpetologists? Mayor Salin, these critters aren't some STD that any conventional treatment can cure. Extraordinary events, call for extraordinary action." Came the voice of a German accented, flamboyantly dressed, man in the back. He appeared to be armed with a personal microphone and speakers.

Frogs slowly began infiltrating the hall.

Deborah pinched the bridge of her nose. "Dear God, what now."

In response the man simply raised his pipe and smiled.

Deborah shook her head. "I've read that story before and it didn't end well, security please remove this man and shove that pipe somewhere where I wont have to see it again."

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