Tuesday, December 28, 2010

what's for dessert?

My brother wants to lose weight. I want to be healthy. We make a bet. $20 and a humiliating, but as of yet unspecified, youtube video are the stakes.

The last time we did something like this I went 11 months without soft drinks before I finally folded. Luckily that time no video was involved. Now I drink both hard and soft drinks, while he continues to wield a mildly impressive conversation piece.

The list of verboten food items is reviewed weekly and regrettably grows larger as time creeps along its x-axis . Presently all mega chain fast food e.g McDs, KFC, HJs (aka BK) are off limits. Add to that dirty (not a racial slur, but indicator of quality) Chinese take-aways, bakery food with the exception of bread and we have the makings of a very cranky Loren.

It's strange if I were to attempt this under my own steam I'd last around a week. Sibling rivalry is one of the few factors that can motivate me to perform over above my default level of mediocrity. Know thyself...

The most trying of things is when I walk to the fridge looking for a nice dessert--I'm an extreme sweet tooth--and then I have to settle for an orange or some other unenticing piece of fruit. This will all be worth it when I win.


Andrew S said...

Intriguing...sibling rivalry is the key to New Year's Resolution success.

Pianika said...

Sounds like a good challenge. Best of luck!

Loren said...

Andrew: You've got a brother man, I promise this stuff works.

Pianika: Cheers. Good luck on your detox too.