Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fuck trolls

In the wild wild west that is the interwebs, one can't help but be obsessed with ones self. There are exceptions, but we'll leave them consigned to the margins today. It's not about them anyway. It's about me.

Notice how trolls round these parts (them parts being the web) proliferate like fungi in a petri dish. Unleash a herd of malcontents into an arena where anonymity is the default option, and there you'll find the greatest concoction of haterade known to man.

Nazi's kill people. And they do it best in bulk. They tried mass grave execution type deals (not thinking big enough), but the soldiers didn't take well to seeing their victims shot dead right in front of them (I learned this in sociology class, so it's probably wrong). It was too personal. If you're going to fuck someone over and your not a naturally gifted psychopath it's best to do so from a distance. Concentration camps worked way better. It easier to detonate an atomic bomb than look someone in the eye and pull a trigger.

The internet gives you one remove from your potential victims. Trolls will and do say anything. They suck very badly. I am a troll. *Hangs head in abject shame, sees abs micro smiles to his self* I am now a recovering troll. Whenever one troll dies two take its place. Lord have mercy.


Weston Krogstadt said...

I think you need Mormonism again.

Loren said...

Trying very hard to not feed the trolls right now. One of the hydra heads has sprung forth. Oh, welcome by the way.