Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the worst type of post you can imagine

Wherein I castigate the entire world for not reading my blog:

In the wild wild west that is the interwebs, one can't help but be obsessed with ones self. There are exceptions, but we'll leave them consigned to the margins today. It's not about them anyway. It's about me.

They say you gotta write for yourself. Having trouble finding an audience? Well, I'm right here baby! I account for 3 thirds of the traffic on this site. The Zero Readers have made their voices heard. TL;DR. I get it >:(

Exception: One day some generous soul linked to something somewhere here on the old SoC. Wow cool, I broke the single digit visit threshold. Hell I was at triple digits every day for like 3 weeks straight. It was incredibly exciting. Cheers.

But you know how people are never satisfied, and how one day we'll destroy ourselves because of this fact? I want more damn it! Read me! Sycophants reveal yourselves! You should always try to keep your ego in check. They're ugly things that shouldn't be let out in public. Unfortunately though, I'm incredibly attached to my ego. Why should any one care about this? Oh, no good reason. They all got their own problems. FML

This is when I just need to Zen the fuck out. You start focusing on the process instead of the outcome and you begin to grow some much needed patience. For the Zen Master and the Attention(hint:this word is a dead give away) Whore, success entails 3 key elements and they are as follows: attention, attention, attention. Be careful which one you choose.

I hereby purge myself of seeking outside validation. Online personal mythologies are cool. I know not so secretly that this is a lie that truly desires the heretofore mentioned outcome. Oh well, I believed in God for almost 30 years. I'm incredibly good at deluding myself. Here's to my not caring if you read this or not.

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