Monday, June 14, 2010

Surveillance and the emergence of evil 2

Where were we? An oppressive rigid regime run by a various minded yet strangely pedantic god i.e. a corporation sole? Yes, that's right. Under these harsh conditions the subordinates of mormondom shoulder the load of unreasonable expectation re-enforced by none other than themselves. Architects of our own demise and all that.

Faced with the age old dilemma of ostracism or conformity, many among our number fall into line. Marching to the beat of someone else's drum has never looked so boring or suffocating. Toeing the party line implicitly means big brother is always watching. Sometimes it's Brother Wilkes, other times Sister Page, each brother and sister a gatekeeper for the sanctity of some imagined bureaucratic metaphysical structure.

President Faust once said there are no such things as personal choices. The consequences leak out effecting our communities eventually. Together we have willfully erected a panopticon as residence, a great eye in the sky. Sauron would be proud. We are a congregation of whistle blowers and self-regulating crack troops. Bow down to the purveyors of rigidity or feel free to sample our fine selection of everlasting burnings.

It begins when we agree to a code that is impossible to execute, but that we than expect others to live by. The code is replicated and propagated ad nauseam wherever 2 0r 3 (or more) are gathered together in big brother's name (we all know answers but let's rehash them for 300*79^10 time). Any discussion at any of these gatherings outside of the specified parameters, is strictly verboten. No exceptions. The act of observation affects that which is observed. Each Sunday we put on our best face/mask, say the right words, carry out the right actions, and make sure everyone else does the same. The cycle continues. New members replace the old, the structure can never weaken. The people are the structure. The hegemony remains strong. We made this.

Now the bait and switch. Is this what passes for evil these days? Really? We've come a long way from torturing animals for entertainment and hangings as public spectacle. Many an anti-mormon has complained about the unnecessary guilt elicited by the ever demanding requirements of mormon culture. It's understandable. Avoiding any and all forms of judgement can be attractive, just not very productive. I like not putting myself on the line as often as possible. Sometimes though, it's good to have expectations. Would that we could all be winners, but life is mostly a zero sum game. Sometimes you loose. Who sets the terms, now there's a legitimate beef. We are each the captains of our own ship, we set the agenda. No one else. Still if surveillance in this context is evil it is an exceptionally weak variety. (do you think otherwise?)

Bait and switch 2. The only reason why I care if this or that is evil, is because I think I am. Or rather I know. I train in my free time to beat others up for sport. I wont insult your intelligence by asking whether you think this is good or bad. In November I'll be entering a cage and kicking ass, or more likely getting pummeled into oblivion. Can any good come of this? There's a little yin and yang in everything they say. At least I'm keeping fit.

So, along the road between where evil starts and evil finishes, that's where you'll find me. Watch out I'm a bad, bad man.

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