Friday, June 4, 2010

my 10 favourite things

I voluntarily tagged myself over at Koda Think Tank which act now requires that I share with the Great and Powerful WWW my very own personal list of the 10 bestest things in the universe. And they are, in no particular order, except for the first, as follows...

1. SEX. this is strictly theoretical at the moment - I applaud my honesty here and simultaneously hang my head in abject shame, these are the fruits of Mormonism - however, I plan numerous experiments in the not too distant future. Volunteers wanted. No experience required.

2. FAMILY. I see myself as the Michael Corleone of my mob, without the scruples. The Family is all important, so watch yourself. OK maybe this should have been first on the list.

3. WANDERING. Just walking around looking for books, maybe at the library, or just in general while daydreaming fills my soul with exceedingly great joy.

4. COMIC BOOKS. I have been drawn to the funny pages since I was a child. I will die a happy man if I ever learn to draw and make some of my own.

5. HOT SHOWERS. Most enjoyable.

6. THE INTERNET. I love the complete anarchy of it all: Blogs, vlogs, status updates, illegal downloads, misinformation, a virtually limitless cornucopia of choices at your fingertips. Mmmm, Feed my brain.

7. FREEDOM. Even if it's only an illusion and it turns out that I should have been a fatalist, it still feels good.

8. LEARNING/IMPROVING. Although closely tied to 7, this little gem gets its own spot, because it's possible to choose to be a hopeless ingrate of a sloth, or to improve one's self, which takes some effort and I don't know why, but striving for something better has somehow infiltrated the human genome. I just can't help it (hmm, maybe not so 7 after all), I want to be better.

9. MANLINESS. If women get to be feminists then can't I be a first wave masculinist? Sure can. I'm Pinocchio, I want to be a real boy, er man. What makes a man? Give me chivalry, give me bushido, give me old fashioned manners and common courtesy and I'll do the same (maybe even if you don't).

10. THE MIND UNIVERSE CONNECTION. Perhaps I should've written cheating here instead, because I'm about to break the rules and go 2 for 1. These 2 things absolutely fascinate me: how the mind works; how the universe works, especially quantum physics inasmuch as I understand it, which I don't; and how they relate to one another.

honourable mentions, I wrote this list ad hoc and upon reflection some of the following should have been in the top ten: zen, food, writing, basketball, obsessing about male pattern baldness, legislated wanton acts of permissible violence, and many more.

If you read this, you've been infected. Consider yourself tagged. The only cure is to post your own top 10 list of favourites. Good luck friend.

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