Monday, June 21, 2010

my butt

My left glute has been strained beyond its normal capabilities, leaving me unable to perform at mine. Consequently I have been awash in stark unpleasantness this past week. Sometimes meeting my present literal pain in the arse with good humor, but many times not. My repository for the development of sympathy and empathy for the human condition and its participants has received a healthy influx of capital. Which is of some consolation.

Suffering my constant and frequent companion you have returned to me once again. I missed you for that 0.3 microseconds of blissful desertion on your part. Upon your return, I also enjoyed all the "did you drop the soap in the shower again" jokes, I really did. Tonight though, and I don't expect that there will not be a regression at some point, but at least for now, I can sit here and type. It still hurts, but in a good way. Cheers.

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