Thursday, January 14, 2010

it's not all about me, which is surprising

Goals for 2010 and beyond...

Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z. Generation it's all about me. I talk about myself more than Mike Jones and Slim Shady combined. It's all very Ayn Randian. I'm wonderful and amazing and they're all jealous and petty and don't understand (my brilliance). Self obsession is a disease that I've willingly contracted. I think it's time to set a goal that doesn't involve my self-aggrandizement, before it's too late and my ego explodes like a supernova and all that's left is a black hole where my soul used to be. Since I'm making it public my motives automatically come into question, either way I shall have my reward as the good book says...

Once upon a time I was a Mormon, a devout one anyway, now I'm just a Mormon who makes up his own rules. That said I still have a tender spot for some of my former beliefs, more the morals than the metaphysics and then only some of them. Sitting atop the pile is the golden rule, hardly an exclusive Mormon teaching, but that's where I first experienced it so I'll give them some credit. What if I were to take this most beloved precept and combine it with one of my most loathed (and have it be good)? Defying the old saying 'can anything good come from tithing' , that's right tithing I'm calling you out. Giving What We Can presents an effective way of doing just that, consequently I'm preparing to sign up. This organization sorts out which charities work most effectively, gives you an idea of how many lives will be affected through your donations and the rest is up to you (there's a lot more info on the site too, check it out). It'll be nice to see 10% of my earnings going toward something that I know will be making a difference.This is a good start, but I'd still feel detached from my attempts at altruism, I've got to find a soup kitchen or something.

Let the charity begin.

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