Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the great white hope or more unrealistic goals

goals for 2010 and beyond...

I'm not ripped enough. There I said it. I look in the mirror and after I subconsciously block the nagging awareness of my always unreasonably dissatisfied complex, then and only then can I begin to deconstruct my semi-accebtably passable build. I'm unabashedly fond of adverbs, the literary world can suck the head off of the metaphorical boil that is my escalating rage.

It's strange the little goals we set ourselves, just to keep life interesting. I mean imagine if all we did was the same thing everyday, day after day, what would be the point? ... Wait a minute? Always setting goals, yet always doing the same thing. I think I just plunged to my death off the cliffs of insanity. Einstein, who is no longer alive, is not shaking his head, but he would be if he was, unless I'm wrongly attributing a quote that I've mashed up with the Princess Bride, to Mr. light fantastic himself. That would be most unfortunate.

As I was saying, being cut like the neck of a victim of The Terror from 18 century France (that just rolls off the tongue) is the objective. In and of itself it's not more than a side-effect that I'm after. Allow me to explain...

It began at the end of 2007, I quit my job with the intention of moving to Australia to play Rugby League and get paid for it. Did I mention that I was 29 at that time. No sane man would do this. Well, I ended up playing minor league rugby league on the gold coast for a pittance. Mission accomplished.

I feel hungry. I also have an incredibly short attention span. I officially retire from Rugby League, it's not violent enough. This year I'm thinking MMA or boxing, but most probably boxing because it involves learning one discipline, where as MMA would require at least two. "How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?" Now I don't advocate violence except in self-defence or for millions of dollars. Is it possible to defy the aging process. I'm about to find out. Attempt only the impossible, that's what they say.

I'm not ripped enough yet because I know once I'm boxing fit I'll be carved out of stone. I've done the (kinda) improbable before, hopefully history repeats itself. Watch out 8 pack here I come.

In sumation: This year, learn to box. As an aside, while we're on the topic of physical goals, I've always wanted to do a through the legs dunk. I'm on clock.

Me not being ripped enough

Me in a year