Friday, April 10, 2009

random connectedness

I chomp into, then slurp down a sample to make sure my 2 minute noodles are al dente. I go to the loo and am greeted by a cartoonishly large cockroach. Did Gregor Samsa accidentally slip into and drown in my toilet bowl? Has my flatmate taken to gourmet servings of super sized insects and passed one, without the customary digestive functions of the bowel taking affect? Only time will tell. I play rugby league and we win on a last second try. Are all these events somehow connected? I don't know, but I'm living them.

I step into the gym and things make sense...
bp 75/2*8
inc bench 70/2*8
sit row, v bar 70/4*8
rear delt fly 2(5)/3*8 (pause on each rep)

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