Tuesday, April 7, 2009

111 the snow and the mountain part 2

"...One day the water, as it was engaged in a pleasant imagining, felt a light burning sensation deep in its belly. 

'What's down there? This doesn't feel right.'

'Hello water.' came a voice from under the earth.

'Who's that?'

'I am magma. I'm here to help you.'

'Magma? That's very kind, but who are you?'

'I told you, I'm magma. I have heard whispers from the cave, that you want to get out. I understand --'

'The cave can talk? I've been here for an age and never heard a word!'

 'We can all talk water, you just need to know how to listen. They say that You want to touch the sky. Don't we all? I have been stuck under here for a very long time and rarely see the light of day. But once long ago I saw the sky, it was vast almost unending. Across the blue expanse fluffy white vessels occasionally passed. These clouds traveled so peacefully, I imagined that nothing could disturb their serenity. I am violent by nature and would like very much to talk to one of them to know their secret. Water, if I set you free and send you skyward do you promise to return one day and bring me a piece of cloud?'

Water was giddy at the thought and quickly agreed. The burning increased and water began to bubble. It became a blanket of steam that rose ever upward, until it reached the sky. After it's journey, water realized that it was a cloud also, magma would be very surprised. Time passed and water went through many changes. It joined lakes and oceans and turned to snow in arctic temperatures. The water was free. And now mountain, I must go. Magma is waiting."

With that snow began to melt under the gaze of the rising sun and run down the side of the mountain. Mt. Salvation looked on helplessly wishing to imbibe some of it retreating guest in the hope that its adaptability were somehow contagious, but it stood instead motionless, unable to divert the water from its course. 

Could Mt. Salvation, ever move, ever be free? 

The water was gone. Mt. Salvation was still there.

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