Monday, April 6, 2009

110 the snow and the mountain part 1

Grumbles of the sort that leave everyone in the room with a sour taste in the mouth continuously flowed from the emotive transmitter regions of the mountain. Its forlorn landscape emitted a dull gray that went well with the mood. 

A slither of snow that had fallen over night was touched on its emotive receptors by the constant storm of negativity. It decided to send out its own intendment.

"I will tell you a story miserable mountain range. If you'll relent from your tale of wo for a moment."

"And why should I listen to a substance so transitory as snow? A mountain is firm and immovable; when the sun shines in the sky, I will still be here. You snow, will not. Don't waste my time."

"Listen quickly then mountain, for the sun rises even as we speak. I have a special message for you."

Mt Salvation, stood still as it always did and decided that since it had no other place to be and ample time to complain after its guests departure that it would, against its usual habit, ever so briefly refrain from lamenting. "Very well snow. Before you go, speak."

"There once was a tiny watering hole, that was lost to the rest of the world (barring its static surroundings of course). It was hidden away in a cave of moderate size that itself was obscured by sage bush and other underbrush. Very rarely light would filter through to the water. Sometimes the water could vaguely make out the blue sky through the dank dimness of the cave and it longed desperately to be there..."

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