Sunday, April 5, 2009


There are at least an infinite amount of ways to do anything, should I put on my socks first, or my t-shirt? When I put on my pants one leg at a time just like everyone else, should I start with my left or right foot? Writing is no different, there are an innumerable number of paths that lead to the mountain top and thankfully just as many guides. I have been reading Murakami. I have been becoming obsessed with Murakami. I believe I have found my guide.

Broadly speaking writers fall into two main camps: There are organic writers and there are planners. I must admit that I have a genetic predisposition toward anal retentiveness. I manage to temper this undesirable trait by being super lazy. When it came to the thought, but not necessarily the act of writing in the past, my baser instincts would kick in and I'd get all obsessive compulsive, I've got to plan out every detail or I'll go insane, blah, blah, blah (present blog and all its contents excluded for reasons that I can't quite identify). Surely knowing the course you'll take before you set off, is a wise way to travel and many accomplished authors have formulated their novels in this way. Murakami is a fan of jazz and his method for writing reflects this interest. He often begins with a vague premise, rarely knowing where it will take him and then just improvises as he goes.

Stephen King prefers to write his stories in a similar manner. He's fond of the advice that "the book is the boss." For King, writing is an art of excavation and each story is a fossil that he has delicately uncovered from some imaginary realm. Sometimes I think writers are utterly ridiculous with their "my abilities are a mysterious gift from the muses" type of carry on, but as I experiment and delve into their world I get the feeling that maybe, they might be right. I'm going to just relax and let my stories unfold naturally from a dark scary place deep within.

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pull ups me/3*8
OHP db 2(22.5)*8,2(25)*5,2(20)*8

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