Saturday, April 18, 2009

115 hungry

Canada choked back the full-meal-in-a-pill with a minimum of water to wash it down. The Bald Man had put the entire crew on extreme rations for the duration of the journey. The entire crew consisted of three people and one of them was a robot. Baldy possibly failed to think this far ahead -- food storage would have been a nice contingency plan -- but more likely he was just a masochistic sadist. He dry swallowed his dinner, gave a deep demonstrative exhale as if this were the most satisfying act in the history of mankind and followed it up with the movement of the corners of his mouth in an upward direction, resembling something like a grin, but it would have felt wrong to describe it as such.

"What are you?" said Canada. This was a fair question. The escape pod and its escapees had been floating were ever it was that they were for a lengthy period now and Canada still knew little to nothing about her captor. This was as good a moment as any for get to know yous.

"I'm a monster and I eat little girls." It was all starting to make sense, he had brought food after all.

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