Thursday, December 11, 2008


He was awake, there was no doubt about it. Brandon wished he was still dreaming or dead or any other variation of existence that he'd experienced in the last few days. Unfortunately he was in deep, deep water. At first he was totally disorientated. Which direction belonged where and how it related to him didn't seem to matter mostly because realities bearings appeared to be unravelling. Sometimes the best thing to do when that happens is to close your eyes and hope when you open them everything will have changed. It was a fanciful idea and remained such, for when Brandon unblinked he was still in the same place.

He had no idea how he got there, but he thought dieing (the last thing he remembered doing) once in a life time was more than enough. He decided to follow his air bubbles which were decreasing in frequency, but at least they knew which way was up.

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