Friday, December 12, 2008

the closely examined life.

Tomorrow week, less nine days, we had our annual Christmas company pump up day. I was profoundly moved. I kid you not. You go to enough of these and you can come away with the feeling that nothing significant will ever happen. However, during this iteration an anomaly of noteworthy proportions occurred.

The devil is in the details, and often the boredom is too. I'll spare you the 'i' dotting and 't' crossing and instead bore you with the results. Actually, they're still under construction. Whenever I'm stuck for a solution, my first port of call is the internet. The internet knows pretty much everything. So there I am right, innocently surfing cyberspace (does anyone even call it that anymore, seriously) and I stumble across Daytum, a site where you can record in excruciating detail any compartmentalized life unit of your choosing. I felt this would be useful even before I needed it. Call it manly intuition or something. Then I go to this work do thing, and they tell me to write down my goals, like that's news or something. Except this time I do it on you guessed it: the internet (well not all of them, but if you're still reading this, that means you didn't click on the link, go have a look, the absurdity of the things you could record there are endless, and if your lucky you may even manage to extract some utility from your anal retentive stat keeping, I know I will).

My evolution from sloth to healthy contributing member of society is bound to be fraught with mighty perils, endless back sliding, and explosive diarrhea, of the mouth, of the mouth. Everyone take a deep breath. Ahh, was that the cheapest non-funny joke of all time? I can't even tell anymore. According to sources mastery of any skill takes 10,000 hours. That's a long time, but every journey starts with movement. The count down is on, very, very slowly, but it's on. Like a wise young Jordan once said "take one step at a time, there's no need to rush it's like learning to fly or falling in love." Another older Jordan, also had words of wisdom: "Desire makes the difference." *read in 80's struggling cartoon character voice* Steps increasing. Desire growing. Must. Soldier. On.


Pianika said...

I like your new look blog. Blue is a good colour.
So how was the concert?

lorenhops said...

It rocked. They had an awesome line up of kiwi talent.

Yeah, I like new look too, it feels better for reasons that can't fully explain.