Monday, April 4, 2011

the end of the world

No matter how bad things get they could always be worse. Times are challenging for me at the moment. I look out and realize it's not the end of the world though. That happens next year. We're well on our way with earthquakes, and revolutions and other upheavals, all of which entirely dwarf my petty so called problems. That's right, things could be worse. I could be radioactive or dead. How very stoic. You know, somehow I don't feel any better. Why does our sense of wellbeing need to piggyback on the misery of others. Haven't they suffered enough. I'm glad I'm not so and so, stranded on a roof, surrounded by water out in the middle of wherever. It's terrible, even with the worst possible scenarios imaginable things can and do devolve into a pissing contest. I know that statements of the sort that I'm describing are not intended to be insensitive and are probably just an abstract way of coping with life's problems. It's just strange to me. Is it possible for movement up or down Maslow's hierarchy of needs (I find myself struggling to even scale the bottom 3 levels at the moment) be self fulfilling within it's self without the need for external comparison? I'm not preaching. I'm asking. I don't know the answers. Maybe this is a necessary part of the human condition, a residual directive of our evolutionary programming? We are social creatures, so relating to each other, I suppose, would be difficult without contrasting our individual circumstances. If we lacked the ability to do so, there could be no empathy either. You can't have the good without the bad? I am at an impasse.

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