Wednesday, April 7, 2010

keep the momentum going

I don't feel undeniably passionate about anything. What is life without an overwhelming desire to do or achieve something? This is one of those big decision moments -- danger: I'm getting psyched. I've always been partial to naturally occurring phenomena over contrived productions. However, I see no compelling reason for this bias. Is a desire that isn't wholly inborn, but cultivated over time any less valid than an inherent blazing inferno of I love this and I'll do it forever?

At the beginning of the year I set some goals. Many of which were an act. This is what you do for a week or two after January 1st, it's expected etc. I wonder what's wrong with acting (if anything?). It's all an act, all of it: life , the universe and everything; didn't Shakespeare say as much once? So, it must be true. We choose. One act at a time. Synthetic cultivation of life's passions, is OK. It's going to be OK man.

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