Sunday, February 7, 2010

the point of no return

My inbox spends most of it's time at absolute zero, I'm talking Kelvins here. There are consultants the world over being paid millions of dollars to teach their clients how to achieve this effect. I can accomplish said feat with little to no effort at all, a skill that I am highly ambivalent about. For some people it's like everything would be right with the world if people just stopped pestering them. Bingo! The old inbox is running on empty, so I'll be in Nirvana any second now. That's right, I'm a lone voice crying in the wilderness and into my pillow every night.

"Take what is useful. Dispose of that which is not. Add what is uniquely your own", The late great Bruce Lee has been misquoted as saying. He (if he was indeed the originator of the most over-used quote at was addressing his approach to training and life in general, I suppose, but I don't know if his directive included excluding people. I recently watched Up In The Air, directed by Jason Reitman and starring the ever affable -- even when he's playing a corporate lackey a-hole -- George Clooney. Clooney fires people for a living, he loves his job and he's exceptionally good at it. He takes a zen-like (maybe a stretch), non-attachment philosophy to a possibly unhealthy extreme; discouraging the accumulation of goods and property, and promoting the severing of ties with unuseful people. Strip away the unnecessary.

I'm the type of guy, or rather one of my personalities is the type of hermaphrodite that really wants to sit down with Satan and figure out what the hell he's so fricken angry about. I wish he'd email or something. But seriously I'm just the kind of understanding sensitive individual who'd like to get to know the prince of darkness just that little bit better. Even Hitler probably passed through a vaginal cavity before he began breathing oxygen. I have a huge weakness for people. Shitty ones not excluded.

So here's the dilema... I'm about to go Buckminster Fuller on the planet or sticking with the Bruce Lee theme it's time to unleash the dragon (maybe that was Sisqo?) and realize my exalted place as one of the noble and great ones of the earth. No, no, you're right, I don't even know what I mean, but it seems as wonderful as people are, sometimes they just hold you back. Do I entretch myself further into my hermetically sealed shell, eye single to my own glory? Should I marry Kocoum Dream Giver? Forgive me, I can't help, but break into song sometimes. Be thankful you can't hear me. I've got a useful head start with the whole email or lack thereof thing. Or do I stick it out and dance with the one(s) that brought me? *knock, knock* Sorry, got to go guys Satan's here and he looks pissed.

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