Friday, July 10, 2009

the story of stories 1

What makes up a story and why are they so pervasive?

At a meta-level they happen within the limits of time -- which is to say that events within them are arranged in an order, which is dictated by the infrastructure of reality (e.g. the arrow of time, even if in the telling these events are not always chronological) -- and mind space. They communicate an idea or several from one mind to another or several. With me so far? No? Good. Other elements include characters, themes, memes, arcs, parts and much, much more. "That's right Steve if you order now we'll throw in" *ahem* Stories are everywhere. I would argue (without offering much in the way of evidence) that much of the appeal no matter what their makeup, whether explicitly or implicitly, stories present us with ways of making sense of human experience. What do we crave more then anything in an absurd world? Why meaning of course! (some say happiness, Nietzsche dismissed this utilitarian notion as folly: "Man does not desire happiness. Only the Englishman desires that." Silly English people, don't mess with Nietzsche, he's got a really big moustache).

The saga continues later...

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