Sunday, March 22, 2009

creation phase 2

In phase 1 (see below) I decided that creativity is beyond neccesity. It is a contingency. It is a choice.

Do you want to live forever? -- Valeria (from Conan the Barbarian)

In this post I decide that I will devote my life to something utterly unnecessary. I will become the first cause in a microcosm of the universe: my own little world. Taking things that are happy to continue along there own deterministic path and delicately negotiating with them, facilitating their change from one thing to another. Matter cannot be created or destroyed it can only be transformed. Alan Moore (of Watchman fame -- He wrote the comic, which is way better than the movie -- for fun check out this article comparing Dr. Manhattan to the Mormon conception of God) once said: attempt only the impossible. How does becoming a God sound? I'll start small and work my way up: write, draw, program, be amazing. It's all optional including Eternal life. Do I want to live forever? Yes please. The hero's journey begins now.

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