Monday, March 23, 2009

0104 the big guy's watching


Captain was in the in the middle of waxing quasi-intellectual about a trivial topic that seemed important at the time.

"Roger, can't you see I'm busy here?"

His spellbound captive audience all nodded furiously in agreement. Yes very busy, no time for light weight juniors. No time at all.

"CAPTAIN." Roger insisted, "I think you better take a look at this." The 'open-sesame' of underlings, if that line didn't work nothing would. 

Captain turned around with a snarl "Very well Roger, this better be good." 

They marched into a monitoring room where Captain was greeted by the worst crisis of his career. A girlish cry of profound terror did not escape his throat. His steel wool insides had collected considerable amounts of grit over the course of his stewardship. It would take more then the fabric of reality unraveling to elicit more than a groan out of him. 

He groaned a terrible groan. And then..."Roger, this looks like a job for the reality police! You're working overtime tonight kid." With that he marched out, slammed the door and returned to the adoring crowd.

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