Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Galahad turned away from Simon, soap opera style, and began to tell his story.

"Camelot was falling apart in many ways. Arthur had Excalibur still, but had perhaps lost the heart of his queen by that time. Who could resist the good looks of a young upstart with perfect locks and a lance so robust as to make any dragon quiver in fear and every knight green with envy. Sorry Tommy."*In a patronising whisper*"Tommy's a little sensitive about Lances. Long story."

Tommy's eyes burned with the intensity of a thousand furies, which helped to brighten up the place a little bit. The illumination didn't ebb or flow in response to Galahad's words in any notable way, he just had really bright eyes.

"If you could have seen them, oh the ecstasy of it all. Young love. I remember a time when I fell in love once. Once isn't enough though, but what was I saying, ah yes that blasted cup and that *&%^$&!@ moon. With the kingdom in shambles we set off in search of the one item that could definitively restore order to all our lives: the divine cup of our Lord. Little did I know how that journey would change my life. Literally. Look at me, I'm (regrettably) still drawing breath, the mind boggles..."

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