Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Dark Knight Returns

Where have I been? All over the place. He returns in strange ways quantifiable only in diminutive increments immeasurable by common means. Loren walks in the door and the gym stops mainly because it never moves. According to relativity there are no objects at rest. NZ is not the wondrous place I thought it was. Not in Hamilton. Among like minded people, he likes to think different. We all do. That way we're always alone together. The best of all possible worlds is inaccessible only when you don't DYI. So, if you want a job done right there's only one option, alternatively you could outsource; I really can't be bothered living off the land. He moon walks to the bench, Michael Jackson never had it this good. Neverland never really happened, but I did. Home at last.


front squat 60*30
OHP 60 /3*3;40*10
seated row 84/3*10
lat pulldown 54*9,68*9,61*9
hang snatch 40/3*5

volume: 7507kgs


Anonymous said...

SO I take it you didnt enjoy the YSA conference then?

lorenhops said...

On the contrary my friend, in spite of my dour disposition at the commencement of the conference (and its pervasive recurrence throughout), I thoroughly enjoyed the parts of conference that I liked. The devotionals in particular were incredibly powerful. SO I arrived safely at a worthy end in the end, though not the one ideally intended, nevertheless I feel now more spiritually equipped to take on another year than I would have been otherwise, and for that reason alone I harbor no regrets at having gone.

Pianika said...

Hmm... so when I read this post at first, i did have an immediate desire to rush to the defence of my home town. Having thought about it for a bit, I now say to each their own opinion.
Introverts generally need alone time to recover from excessive social interaction.

lorenhops said...

Hamilton will probably stand firm with or without your defence or my attacks. Although, it must be said that the post contains so many contradictions that I'm not sure any overt or even underlying message can be salvaged from its reading. I have always found it fascinating that we become so sentimentally attached to the piece of earth that we happened to land on when we popped into existence. It probably has something to do with our inherent need to belong, or to have things belong to us. But I digress... Hamilton is a fine town, I may have allowed the many mockeries I've heard leveled at it in the past subconsciously influence my semi-free writing post, and for that I beg a thousand pardons please.

Pianika said...

Wow, so I didn't expect an apology at all, that was very kind of you. Yes and given the ambiguous nature of the post it was hard to salvage a definate theme or message as to exactly what you were meaning. I like Hamilton. I think its more to do with my family than anything else. "Home is where the mother is" I've always thought, even when I wander away I always seem to find myself back there on a regular basis. Or maybe its something to do with impressions and important memories formed during a persons formative years that makes a hometown important in one's eyes.