Tuesday, December 30, 2008

on gyming it up 5

Plato posited that two worlds exist: the world of being and the world of becoming.[1] The world of being is a place where everything exists in its perfect form. Take a horse for instance, somewhere out there in a place quite unlike this one there is the perfect form of a horse, an undefiled template from which all ‘horseness’ and all instances of horses originate. The world of becoming is our world; here, imperfect instances of Plato’s forms occur. Plato’s was a teleological world-view where the becoming parts were tagged as such because given the right type of conditions an imperfect form could move towards becoming like the perfect form. It turns out that Plato was probably wrong, however, I mention his work here because it helps to illustrate the type of thing that is occurring both in gyms and in the male psyche. There is an ideal form that exists and men now attempt to emulate this ideal.

back squat 60*8,100*5,120*5,130*5,140/3*3
chins 95/3*8

volume: 5770kgs (or 12,694lbs!)

[1] Strathern: The Essential Plato, pp 31-32.

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