Monday, January 12, 2009

Are you all-NBA too?

I couldn't help but noticing that recently I've neglected the ridiculous concoction of my imagination known as that story which originally constituted the entirety of this blog's content. Fret not zero readers (in truth according to a nifty little tool known as google analytics there are in all probability 3 unique visitors to this blog on average everyday and I'm one of them. Wow, that must be like some kind of record.) it's a new year, and new ideas flow through my veins like heady little anti bodies ready to destroy all unwanted intruders (does this explain my overwhelming readership numbers, zero readers? Allusions to destructive forces with tenuous connections to the original statement made. Perhaps it's my over analysis of my own thought process or my ability to change tack on a dime.) Today I went to the gym. Yesterday I read an article on t-nation by Charles Poliquin, he says among many, many other things that a key indicator of athletic ability is how much you can pull when power snatching. I'm all NBA as I've said in the past: a Natural Born Athlete. Today I power snatched, it looked something like this:

The results weren't as big as I'd hoped, but reasonable overall. Tomorrow I'll start up some more blogs. There's no intelligible reason for this. Just for fun though, check out, which will document my little journey to Australia to play Rugby League or How I Got Published which didn't actually happen unless you count e-publishing, but if you're itching for the story that's where it will once again be on display (it'll still be here too, bonus!).
I'm not doing "How I Got Published" now. It's a dead link. I've recently discovered that there are services that can automatically agregate all your internet content. So instead of cutting and pasting everything I post here, SliModSoc will continue as it was without theme or reason and the other two blogs will run independantly and one day I'll start up a storytlr account.

sumo deadlift 130*6,170*5,200*4,220*3
home snatch 40*5,60*5,70*3,75, 80 (missed on first, hit on second attempt)

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