Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The flame made it's way toward earth with something that suggested animosity. Call it moxy, or mojo or any 4 letter m-word you can think of, there was a deffinitive sense about its chosen course and the audacity with which it carried itself on the way down.
Fire is a tricky form of reality, it doesn't really think much, just burns. If you look deeply enough though, you'll find a minute spark of intelligence. You don't want to get it started, not if you don't have to, because once it gets going mentally just like when it gets going physically, if you let fire get enough momentum you're in big trouble.
"Two days ago an angry piece of sentient fire collided with a small town, Aspiere, it incinerated all inhabitants upon impact. 2 humanoid, and one reptile-like creature, possibly dragon, were witnessed at the origin point of the flame. Their current where abouts are unknown. What shall we do?"
Dr Esteval looked at his servant robot, Imov, with a cocked eyebrow and middling levels of contempt."We find them of course, there's possibly a dragon flying around out there."

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