Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On the Shoulders of Giants: Arthur Saxon

where we celebrate the burly strongmen of yesteryear.

Arthur Saxon was an absolute freak of nature. He never saw a weight that he couldn't heft and later laugh at derisively. This 5'10, 200 pound, iron wrecking machine is a legend of the lifting game. Hallowed be his name. Perhaps his greatest feat was the two hands anyhow lift (which as the name suggests involves lifting any weight implement over head, anyway, anyhow, both hands allowed). He bent pressed 335 pounds with his right hand, while lifting and pressing a 110 pound kettlebell at the same time with his left. 445 pounds: fricken ridiculous. Today I had to settle for:

bench 50*30,23,13

pull ups 10,8,6,3


Urraca said...

Ah, the strongmen. I dressed up as one for Halloween in 2007. I bought the fanciest fake moustache so I could complete the look. The result? TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Also, I love kettlebells. In real life, not just during Halloween.

lorenhops said...

That would have been something to see, you gotta love those funky old school moustaches.

I haven't really tried out any kettlebells yet, but my gym just purchased some recently. I'll have to check'em out.