Sunday, December 7, 2008


I think he's trying to pull data on us from the great big mind pie in the sky Tommy, we can't have that now. Keep you're brains to yourself you little ruffian, you don't see me pillaging your idea net now do you?

"How did you do that?" said Simon.

"What, read the collective consciousness of the universe? The same way you did." Said Galahad.

"Oh. Right. But."

"Well said my friend. So, what did you get before I intercepted you? It would have been far more polite to simply ask. We've got all the time in eternity to fill, which is forever as you might imagine, now that you've magicked us here into, wherever this void is. I'm hoping it's purgatory, at least that way we might have an end to look forward to, judging by its scant emptiness though, I'd say that I don't like our chances."

"Friendly fire will be back and --"

"And everything will be restored to its proper order yes, I know. The more I think about it the less convinced I am that that will be of any benefit. Well, young Simon tell us my story that you stole from me or rather of me. What did you find under my profile?"

"Not much, something about the moon, a goblet, you and King Arthur. It's funny I was just on my way to the moon when I bumped into you and Mr. Tommy."

Galahad cupped his head in what looked to be overwhelming disappointment."Irony of ironies. Can you believe that Tommy? We could of had what we wanted if we didn't do anything. This is probably God's punishment for our taking that damn cup of his. I always knew that was a bad idea."

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