Thursday, November 27, 2008


Her Great Aunt was kidnapped a long time ago. Now she was too. Were these felonies somehow related? She couldn't be sure. The Bald Man was waffling on still, better pay attention.

"You have been brought here for a purpose. A very important purpose indeed. Do you understand?"

Canada scanned the room as subtly as possible, the octabug had retired to a neutral corner, the door, which was indiscernible from the walls was shut, no immediate points of escape were apparent.

"You're allowed to talk little one, we're all friends here. Nod or say yes." He was back to good cop, that game usually involved a foil, but he seemed content to play both roles.

"Um, no. What are you talking about. You're not making any sense."

His eyebrows revealed a slight exception to this last comment, but he managed to stay in character.

"Of course, of course. I don't want to overwhelm you Miz Canada."

"Canada will do." She was pushing it.

"I think I may have jumped the gun, perhaps it's better that I do the talking and then I'll field your questions and/or snarky comments at the end. O.K?" He kicked over the mini table, spilling the uneaten burger over the floor. "This is important, important enough that I've brought here at great risk to myself. You see, the world is in trouble, big trouble and only you and I and your miserable friends can save it."

"I can play the piano, what the hell are you talking about?"

He bent down and half-heartedly slapped her, "That's your last warning. We haven't got much time. The genes are -"


"Oh for *&%$ sake. Now what?" Some kind of alarm was sounding.

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lorenhops said...

DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY: "I've brought here at great risk to myself." That was just too cliched not to use.